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The establishment of Gyeyang, the happy city created with the residents! Dearest residents of Gyeyang District. I am Mayor Hyeong-woo Park of Gyeyang-gu Office
  • During the 5th local elections, I was elected again as the Mayor of Gyeyang-gu because of the trust given to me by the residents.

    From now on, I will govern the district with a humble attitude, as if I am serving the master while carefully listening to small voices of the residents.

    I promise to create Gyeyang as an educational and cultural city that is able to showcase its cultural tradition and diverse works of art, and cultivate excellent human resources of the future. As a safe city, Gyeyang shall protect its residents from crimes and disasters. And as an economic city, Gyeyang shall maintain the residents’ financial stability and provide various job opportunities.
  • As a city of welfare, Gyeyang shall provide benefits to the socially-vulnerable class such as the elderly, women, and children. Gyeyang shall also be an eco-friendly city, pleasant and comfortable to live in, that harmonizes people and nature. Furthermore, Gyeyang shall be a city of open communication and participation that carefully listens to the people from all levels of society.

    I sincerely ask for your active participation in the creation of a new Gyeyang, the happy city where the residents are the masters.

    Thank you very much.
Mayor of Gyeyang-gu Office Park Hyeong-woo