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Mt. Gyeyang and Interesting Things to See Ara Waterway

History of Gyeyang

Ara Waterway

Ara Waterway

Project period

2009 ~ 2015

Major facilities

  • Navigation channel : 18km (Width: 80 m, water level: 6.3 m)
  • Terminal
    • Incheon: 2.45 million m2, 2nd flood gate (port for passengers, containers, steel, and vehicles)
    • Gimpo: 1.7 million m2, 1st flood gate (port for passengers, marina, containers, and multipurpose)
  • 8 great sceneries of Suhyang

    View of the West Sea (1st scenery), Incheon Passenger Terminal (2nd scenery), Sicheon Riverside (3rd scenery), Ara Waterfalls (4th scenery), Suhyangwon traditional garden (5th scenery), Duri Ecological Park (6th scenery), Gimpo Passenger Terminal (7th scenery), view of the Han River (8th scenery)

  • Parkway : 15.6 km of highway landscape, beacon fire station, Maehwa hill, Gyulhyeon Plaza

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