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It is presumed that people lived from prehistoric times due to the wide plains and rivers flowing around Gyeyang Mountain. This area was the historical center of the northeastern part of Incheon from the Three Kingdoms Period until the Joseon Period. Gyeyang was formerly known as Gyeyang Dohobu during the Goryeo Period and Bupyeong Dohobu during the Joseon Period; it was incorporated with Bucheon-myeon of Bucheon-gun and Incheon-bu. Since its installation as Gyeyang-gu in March 1, 1995, it has maintained its name and position.

  1. 470

    • Installed Jubuto-gun in Goguryeo
  2. 757

    • Changed the name to Jangje-gun
      during the Unified Silla Period
  3. 1215

    • Changed the name to Gyeyang
      Dohobu during the Goryeo Period
  4. 1413

    • Changed the name to Bupyeong
      Dohobu during the Joseon Period
  5. 1914

    • March Incorporated with Bunae-myeon,
  6. 1940

    • April Introduced to Incheon-bu
  7. 1949

    • August 15 Changed the name Incheon-bu to Incheon-si
  8. 1968

    • January 01Installed Buk-gu of Incheon-si
  9. 1981

    • July 01Promoted to Incheon with Direct-controlled Municipality
  10. 1989

    • January 01Incorporated Gyeyang-myeon in
      Gimpo-gun with Gyeyang-dong in Buk-gu
  11. 1990

    • January 01Divided Hyoseong-dong into Hyoseong 1-dong and
      Hyoseong 2-dong and Gyesan-dong into Gyesan 1-dong and Gyesan 2-dong
    • May 01Divided Jakjeon-dong into Jakjeon 1-dong and Jakjeon 2-dong
  12. 1991

    • August 27Divided Gyesan 2-dong into Gyesan 2-dong
      and Gyesan 3-dong
  13. 1992

    • September 01Divided Gyeyang-dong into
      Gyeyang 1-dong and Gyeyang 2-dong
  14. 1994

    • July 01Divided Jakjeon 1-dong into Jakjeon
      1-dong and Jakjeon 3-dong
  15. 1995

    • January 01Promoted to Incheon Metropolitan City
    • March 01Installed Gyeyang-gu of Incheon
      Metropolitan City
  16. 1998

    • October 03Integrated Jakjeon 3-dong and
      Seoun-dong with Jakjeon Seoun-dong
  17. 2003

    • March 01Divided Gyesan 3-dong into Gyesan 3-dong and Gyesan 4-dong
  18. 2015

    • April 01Divided Gyeyang 1-dong into Gyeyang 1-dong and Gyeyang 3-dong