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Cultural assets and History Bupyeong-dohobu Office

History of Gyeyang

Tangible Cultural Property

Bupyeong Dohobu Office (Incheon Metropolitan City Tangible Cultural Property No. 2)


The original office of Dohobu was located at Jaebukbu 2-ri (898 Gyesan-dong), but currently, the modified office remains inside Bupyeong Elementary School located at 943 Gyesan-dong. In front of the Dohobu building, traces of Gyesan-dong Gingko Tree (City’s Designated Monument No. 11), Yogeunji (City’s Designated Heritage Material No. 1), and Eosadae (City’s Designated Heritage Material No. 3) are still left.

According to some records, the Bupyeong-dohobu building was rebuilt in 1677 (3rd year of King Sukjong); however, the exact reason for its reconstruction is unknown. Bupyeong-bu was promoted to Annam-dohobu in 1150 (4th year of King Uijong of Goryeo Dynasty), Gyeyang-dohobu in 1215 (2nd year of King Gojong of Goryeo Dynasty), and Bupyeong-dohobu in 1413 (13th year of King Taejong of Joseon Dynasty). In consideration of all these circumstances, it was assumed that its construction was completed about five years later (18th year of King Taejong, 1418); its construction started as Bupyeong and was then promoted to Bupyeong-dohobu. A 600 year-old Gingko tree was planted next to the Dohobu building for landscaping purpose. The history of the building corresponds to the age of the Gingko tree.

According to records, it was built in a grand scale consisting of many buildings such as the guesthouse (Gaeksa), main administrative building/private administrative building (Dongheon/Seoheon), triple gate (Sammun), government office building (Geunmin-dang), left/right transverse part (Jwa/Wu Ikrang), left/right library (Dong/Seo Chaekbang), Magistrates’ office building (Saryeongcheong), local agency (Hyangcheong), agency for arrested thieves (Podocheong), Hunmudang, storage (Buchang), etc. Nevertheless, only the Naea, or living quarters, exists today. Originally, it was built in ‘ㄱ-shape’ but as it was moved in 1968 to its current place, the shape of the building was changed to ‘ㅡ,’ measuring 6 Kans (unit) at the front and 2 Kans (unit) at the sides.


(21049) 20, Eosadae -ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (Gyesan-dong, Incheon Bupyeong Elementary School)


  • Bus: 3 minutes on foot to Incheon Bupyeong Elementary School after getting off at Gyesan three-way intersection
  • Regular bus: No. 88, 81, 90
  • Blue Bus: No. 1, 30, 80
  • Green Bus: No. 588
  • Red Bus: No. 9500, 2500, 1500
  • Subway: 10 minutes on foot to Bupyeong Elementary School from Exit No. 3 of Gyesan Station/Exit No. 1 of Gyeongin National University of Education